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Fri, Jul. 11th, 2008, 06:22 pm
athaena: Belated - All Around the World Mix

Here is my list (better - extremely - late than never, eh?) - what can I say? there has been rather a lot going on what with quitting my old job, going to england and winding up in hospital and such.
(track order may change but ...)

*All Around The World Mix*
1. Tropicalia - Beck
2. Immigrant Punk - Gogol Bordello
3. Govinda - Kula Shaker
4. One Night in Bangkok - Murray Head
5. Ah Ndyia - Oumou Sangare
6. Ca Plane Pour Moi - Plastic Bertrand
7. Desert Rose - Sting
8. Hong Kong Mambo - Tito Puente and his Orchestra
9. Zanzibar - Billy Joel
10. Marrakesh Express - Crosby, Stills & Nash
11. Blue Ridge Lauging - Carbon Leaf
12. Via Con Me - Paolo Conte
13. Les Yeux de ton Pere - Les Negresses Vertes
14. Graceland - Paul Simon
15. Jolie Fleur de Rose - Vishten
16. Fascinatin' Rhythm - Antonio Carlos Jobim
17. Milord - Edith Piaf
18. Oxford Comma - Vampire Weekend
19. Punjabi Girl - DJ A.P.S.
20. Old Siam, Sir - Wings
21. The Road To Utopia - Utopia

(So we have things in various languages, from various continents and countries, in various styles and one fictional place to boot.)

Just realized I had one element that overlaps with Kim's!!! *blush*

I am down with workout mix or anger management ideas.
Might want to start a new thread for new mix ideas? I don't know?

I've definitely enjoyed everyone's "All Around The World" mixes received thus far.

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