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Fri, Jul. 11th, 2008, 06:19 pm
athaena: Behindhand with books

Right, I am behindhand.

Is too much, let me sum up:
Book # 19 - Living History by Hilary Rodham Clinton
Book # 20 - A Place of Hiding by Elizabeth George
Book # 21 - Indiana Jones and the Dinosaur Eggs by Max McCoy
Book # 22 - Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Sphinx by Max McCoy
Book # 23 - Lost by Gregory McGuire
Book # 24 - Indiana Jones and the White Witch by Martin Caidin
Book # 25 - The Truth by Terry Pratchett
Book # 26 - Indiana Jones and the Dance of the Giants by Rob McGregor
Book # 27 - Maskerade by Terry Pratchett
Book # 28 - Monstrous Regiment by Terry Pratchett

The Hilary book demonstrated things that frustrate me about her.
The Indiana Jones books vary wildly as to quality.
The Pterry books are as fun as ever (although I stand by my read no more than 2 books in succession rule)
Not the best Elizabeth George I've read, but not the worst either
and the Gregory MacGuire book was recommended unto me by Julia and was quite interesting blending Scrooge's ghosts from "A Christmas Carol" into a fascinating modern tale on the subject of loss.

Proper reviews coming sooner or later now that we've mostly caught up. (I think that's everything anyway?)